Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Tree planting

On Tuesday 21th of July room 28/29 went to go planting behind the field at the reserve.
We had to go in buddies i went with  Chloe, we planted the Toi-toi, flax and cabbage tree.
After we dug the hole we had to
 test if it was deep enough we had  to put this pellet that will make the plant grow faster, it was called a
fertiliser pellet. There were rocks and clay when you dug your hole We used a shovel to dig the hole, the other peoples name where Anna, Paul and Carl.                                                                    

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Michael McClintock said...

Hi Charlotte,
Great to see you outside and learning how to plant trees. Maybe we could buy some of these trees and faxes and plant around our home in the weekend? Fun!
Love Mum