Friday, 23 May 2014

Making a plan before I write

I am learning to make a plan before I write my story. I remembered what I did in the holidays and I put some of my ideas in my plan. It was easy and my story matches my plan. I will write a plan next time and think of words like next and after that.

I went to rainbow’s end
rainbows end 07 (7)
Happy Panda Face
On Sunday I went to rainbow's end

On the hot sunny day on the last day of school I went to rainbow's end I went with my family first I went on the gold rush, log flome, inflatable then the rollercoaster. Then I went to kidz kingdom. I went on the merry go round. Then I had a ice cream.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Comparing Characters

I have made a venn diagram to show how I can compare characters in a story.

It was easy to make a venn diagram and write the descriptions. I have used words that match the characters. Next time I will learn a lot about the characters.